Benefits of Millets

The aim was to ensure Healthy Foods availability to mankind keeping health of People in mind, the Organisation took a decision to Source and Supply Good Quality Millet Grains and Value added products i.e., Millet based Foods, desi food products.

Start slow & make one tiny change in your menu. Serve fresh & health meals. Simplify your recipes & use basic ingredients to a larger extent. Motivate & encourage your customers to use millets. Serve healthy to the society to stay healthy. Include millets into your menu patterns. One mantra you need to remember-introduce one millet recipe in your daily menu.

For over past few Years SIRIDHANYA has been involved in Promoting Millets in Bengaluru, Siridhanya has conducted over 50 Talk shows and Seminars based on MILLETS and the Benefits of Millets.

Millet – A high source of insoluble fiber, beneficial against gall stone formation. Millets are high in phosphorus content-which helps in maintaining the cell structure of the human body. Millets act as a prebiotic feeding microflora inner ecosystem.


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